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REVIEW - Dangerous

Dangerous (The Finn Factor) (Volume 3) - R.G. Alexander

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4.5 Stars!


Dangerous is the third book in R. G. Alexander’s series entitled The Finn Factor. I have fallen head over heels in love with this series and the fantastically sexy, humourous, endearing and all-around sweet romances this author creates. She has also given us the Finn family. That... that ladies and gentlemen... is enough reason to read this series. Trust me!

I have also come to love Ms. Alexander’s “warnings” to readers when it comes to each book. Here is the one from this installment:
Warning: Explicit male/male sexy times. Voyeurism with a touch of noncon, role playing, rope. And, once again, very serious about the graphic gay sex. I’m not sure why you don’t believe me… Also? An Evil League of Evil! Good kink vs scary villain kink (you’ve been warned), Finn Club rules and the aftereffects of The Great Rumming of 2015. I SAID RUMMING. Dirty minds.

See! It definitely sets the tone of what you will read and is brilliant and hilarious.

Brady Finn is finally back amongst the Finn family. Being a Marine kept him deployed and away for quite some time. Coming back and reintegrating himself into civilian life once again has not been easy. Kenneth Tanaka is a man of many talents. He’s a hacker extraordinaire and a Dom who has a certain flare with ropes and likes his sex with a side of kink. No vanilla flavour for Master Tanaka! Both men meet when they become involved in an undercover operation (in the last book about a different couple). Now Ken needs Brady’s help in another dangerous investigation searching for a missing person in the dark underworld of BDSM. While Brady is willing to assist Ken in this mission, will he willingly give in to the explosive attraction these two men seem to have for one another?



Spending so much time with one another leaves Brady and Ken jumping into the muddy waters of a physical relationship. I could not help but root for them. When they were in each other’s presence it was like being near a volcano of sexual tension. Ken was ready to explore what was obviously between them; however, Brady was hesitant. After all, he was not into any sort of kink. How would it ever work? There was only so much Brady could take before taking the plunge. Both these men were into different sexual lifestyles but when they become involved I loved the fact that the trust between them lead them to explore things they would never have with another partner. They both took turns taking the reins and being the dominant partner. I loved how there was this vulnerability that they only shared with one another and that was simply a beautiful thing. Brady particularly works through many of his hang-ups and discovers just how amazing it can be when you completely let go and embrace the freedom in that. These two men challenged each other and as more starts to develop between them they have to make the decision as to whether they will risk it all and jump in with both feet.

“You never considered that I might be drawn to you. That I might like being with you. That I might just want to have my brains fucked out by a tall, well-hung Marine whose body drives me wild.”


“I can take you, Brady Finn. So take me.”

Ok, so if you have read anything by R.G. Alexander you know that her books are HOT. This book was no exception to the rule. It was a blazing inferno at a level that could reduce you to a steaming puddle of goop in a split second. I mean, the kind of sizzling sexy that will leave you seriously hot and bothered. Truly.


Enough said. ;)

All in all, Dangerous was another fantastic addition to this amazing series. R. G. Alexander gives us more teasing looks at the other Finns and I simply can’t wait for more books. The next one, entitled Ravenous, is a M/F/M romance starring the youngest female Finn. I can’t wait!

“I love you and I need you. I belong to you. Whatever happens next, I want it to happen with you.”

****A review copy of Dangerous by R.G. Alexander was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.