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REVIEW - Unblocked: Episode Two

Unblocked - Episode Two (Timber Towers Series Book 2) - Marni Mann
4 “Sweet Seduction” Stars!



DAMN!!!!!!! 0_0

Unblocked- Episode Two by Marni Mann is the second installment in her five-part serial novella series entitled Timber Towers. Each subsequent addition to this series will be released approximately four to six weeks apart. I have to say, Ms. Mann certainly stepped it up a notch with this one. Phew! Talk about a sexually charged, flame-inducing book. With two power-driven individuals who are crossing all kinds forbidden lines, is someone going to get burned?

This second part begins right where book one left us. Derek and Frankie had started to cross some professional boundaries all in the name of inexplicable lust. The connection they share is elemental, raw and dirty hot! To add flames to an already blazing fire, Derek and his dirty talking ways can only be resisted for so long. Both of them have so much at stake and they realize that nothing can ever become of what they feel for one another, what they bring out in each other. With no way of stopping the burning passion igniting between them, Derek and Frankie give in to their desires for one night. One night to feed their cravings and work each other out of their systems. However, with such a profound bond can they simply walk away and keeps things strictly business after just one night?

This novella was one sexy and titillating seduction. You try and read this one and remain unaffected. Derek is a force; a dirty-talking, gritty, rough and domineering man who knows exactly what he wants. With him Frankie is given the opportunity to unleash her sexuality in ways she never dreamed possible. There is definitely more in store for the twenty-seven year old top-selling real estate agent and the architectural designer and rising star developer. After their one night together, can they both control their cravings or will the intensity between them lead to their downfall?

All in all, Unblocked – Episode Two was a great addition to this deliciously sexy series and left me panting for more. This book does end in such a way that I was left wanting the third installment IMMEDIATELY! Gah! I need more more more!

****An advance reading copy of Unblocked - Episode Two by Marni Mann was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.