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REVIEW - Dark Instincts by Suzanne Wright

Dark Instincts (Phoenix Pack) - Suzanne Wright
4.5 Stars!


Dark Instincts by Suzanne Wright is book four in her The Phoenix Pack series. I have loved and adored this series right from the beginning. It is funny, sexy and packed full of gorgeous alpha wolves who will do whatever it takes to claim what is theirs. Picking up a new book in this series always leaves me glad to be back in this shifter world full of horny wolf-men!

“It has to be said, you’re a constant ray of sunshine, Roni.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Bite me, Fuller.”


This book is about Marcus Fuller, an enforcer for the Phoenix Pack and all around ladies man, and Roni Axton, an enforcer for the Mercury Pack and little sister to her pack’s alpha male. The pair are sort of like oil and water, at least in Roni’s mind. I mean, what can she have in common with the gorgeous male wolf who has a copious amount of females who are willing to share his bed? After all, she is a rough-around-the-edges tomboy who has a hard time being around people in general. Both of them are powerful wolves and there is no denying that there is some crackling sexual chemistry between them. Marcus has made it known that he wants Roni and he is pursuing her with a slow, steady and patient determination that has her reeling. However, there is no way Roni is going to give in to temptation. Even though she is attracted to the possessive wolf-man, she just can’t understand what he sees in someone like her. When a vicious attack by a jackal group has both the Phoenix and Mercury packs joining forces, and has Roni and Marcus working closely together, it is only a matter of time before Marcus gets what he wants from Roni. Both wolves are not prepared for the intensity of their connection. With issues stemming from their pasts can they both simply let go and embrace a true relationship which would leave them open and vulnerable to each other?


Roni tilted her head. “If you’re looking for remorse, you can find it in the dictionary somewhere between rectum and runt.”


“You’re insane.”

He smiled. “I love it when you try to flatter your way into my pants."

I absolutely LOVED Roni. She is one fierce female that I would not want to mess with. The banter exchanged between her and Marcus was hilarious and fun as Marcus slowly chipped away at her defenses and etched his way into her heart. I loved the fact that Roni was loyal and showed her love in small ways. Her relationship with her brothers was fun and the pranks between her and Eli had me laughing out loud. Roni was definitely a female worthy of capturing Marcus’ attention.

Roni, on the other hand….she made him happy – quirks, lollipops and all.

I loved Roni and Marcus together. Despite her past and all that she has been through, Roni is a badass heroine who is not going to let any alpha walk all over her. She is just the challenge that Marcus needs. She is the fun, extremely smart, socially-awkward, hilarious, loyal and beautiful she-wolf that Marcus did not see coming. I loved the fact that Marcus had his own issues and was not always perfect. They both make a few mistakes along the way as they walk along the rocky road of love and markings; however, it all works out in the end. Our couple gets their HEA and we, as the reader, finish with a deep sigh (or a cold shower). Just saying!

All in all, Dark Instincts was just one more reason why I am seriously addicted to this fantastic paranormal series. Ms. Wright provides us with a wonderful erotic romance perfectly balanced with some action and suspense. I highly recommend this series and am definitely looking forward to more books.


****An advance reading copy of Dark Instincts by Suzanne Wright was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.