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REVIEW - Total Surrender

Total Surrender (Sin Brothers) - Rebecca Zanetti
5 “Never alone.” Stars

“A week with a Dean brother is like a year with anybody else. You know. With the shooting, the espionage, the fighting for their lives.”


Total Surrender is the fourth and final book in Rebecca Zanetti’s Sin Brothers series. I am such a huge fan of this series which is packed full of suspense, intrigue, action, romance, love and passion. All the books thus far have grabbed hold of me from start to finish and this fourth installment was no exception. I highly recommend that if you are new to this series that you commence reading the books right from the beginning in sequential order as the overall story arc is explored and expanded upon with each installment. Essentially the series is about four genetically engineered brothers who were created as part of a covert military experiment and who formed part of an elite group of government assassins, raised and molded into genetically altered killing machines with enhanced super human traits. The four brothers managed to escape their creators. Since their escape the mission is simple. Take down the monsters who fashioned them and save their own lives. They lust for revenge and time is running out. Three of the Dean brothers have now found love and have more at stake than ever. When their youngest brother finally comes back into the picture who will be the left standing when time finally runs out?


“....even the smallest lion can have a big roar.”

Jory Dean is the youngest Dean brother and is also the one who has been presumed dead up until recently. While Jory spent two years in a coma being held prisoner at a top secret military compound by the Commander and Dr. Madison, his brothers never stopped in their search to uncover the truth of what exactly happened when Jory was shot. Despite the fact that they were also fighting for their own lives, their steely determination to find out about their missing brother never died between them. Jory is now out of a coma and has built up the much needed strength he will require to get back to his brothers. When a beautiful computer hacker suddenly appears and indicates that she has been hired to reactivate the kill chip that is implanted near Jory’s spine, Jory is unsure as to whether his luck is changing.


“Think. Don’t feel.”


“Why are you here, Piper?”

She exhaled slowly and stretched out her fingers. “I’m here to save you, Jory.”

Piper Oliver is an extremely skilled hacker who has her own personal reasons for being at the compound. She has seven days to accomplish her task and time does not seem to be on her side. Piper believes that she is on the side of good with her new job. Then there is the fact that the man behind the bars with the mesmerizing gray eyes, who she is trying to save, challenges her composure at every turn. However, what happens when Piper discovers that all that she has been led to believe is a lie? Who she thought was the enemy turns out to be her greatest ally and protector as she uncovers the truth and her intellect and emotional sides do battle royale.

“Time to make a choice, sweetheart. Please. Choose me.”


“I love you, Piper. All of you. The smart, the sweet, the lost. Everything you are and whoever you’ll eventually become.”


“I love you, Jory Dean. The tough, the sweet, and definitely the geek."

Jory and Piper certainly do not have it easy from the start; however, their romance was nothing but sweet and tender-hearted with a whole lot of passion. I think Jory may just be my favorite Dean brother. I know, I know….it is so hard to pick. He was a fierce bundle of protectiveness who would stop at nothing to safeguard and defend those he loved. Pretty much like all the Dean men! He may have tried to not get involved with Piper but their sizzling attraction and connection pretty much make him unable to stay emotionally detached. Being with Piper, particularly in their uncertain and dangerous circumstances, completely tilts Jory’s world off its axis and for the first time he finds himself thinking how he will also save himself.

I absolutely adored the much anticipated reunion between all four brothers. It was everything I hoped it would be and definitely brought tears to my eyes. It was so amazing to finally have all four brothers together. Oh, and the best line of the whole book belongs to Matt:
“No more fucking good-byes. I am so done with that shit and with all of us sacrificing our lives. We’re fucking done, and we’ll all fucking live. The first guy who tells me good-bye ever again, even if he’s just going to the fucking grocery store, gets a fist planted in his fucking face.”

Rebecca Zanetti has once again written an enthralling story with twists and turns that will have you holding your breath and viciously reading, determined to find out what happens next. She also throws a passionate and sexy romance in the mix that will have you clutching your heart. The perfect balance. Plus, the sweet cherry on top of this all is the fact that we also got to catch up with the rest of the Dean brothers and their other halves and we get introduced to a few surprising characters as well. Not to mentioned the absolutely amazing conclusion to this wild ride. This book was the perfect finish to this spectacular series. So, thanks Ms. Zanetti for giving us the Dean brothers. ;)


****An advance reading copy of Total Surrender by Rebecca Zanetti was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.