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REVIEW - Genie by Kitty French

Genie - Kitty French
4.5 "Beauty" Stars!

“Feathers. Lies. Glitter. Secrets. Lust.”


“He wants her theatre. She wants him dead.”

Genie by Kitty French once again proves that this author can write the hell out of a sexy, filthy-mouthed, arrogant male who has a certain je ne sais quoi with the English language.




See what I mean?

Er.... moving on....


In this book we are transported to the shoddy theatre district in London where Theatre Divine has its home and it is run by Davey Divine, and entertaining drag queen, and his niece, Genie Divine. Genie is also the starlet of the theatre with her sultry and provocative burlesque show. Despite the fact that this theatre offers up quality performances, there is simply not enough money coming in to cover the much needed repairs and maintenance. Theatre Divine is in trouble. Enter Mr. Abel Kingdom, Australian gym mogul extraordinaire.

“Bleak. Bitter. And very, very complicated.”


“He had an undeniable presence, the kind of commanding aura that drew eyes and made people listen, the kind of instant charisma that performers would love to bottle and couldn’t fake no matter how hard they worked at it.”

Abel Kingdom, a British ex-pat living in Australia and who has recently returned to London, was absolute sexy deliciousness that even my over-active imagination could never concoct. And, trust me, I have one heck of an imagination. Seriously, he made my ovaries quiver. So, kudos Ms. French. Anyways, for his own personal reasons Abel is wanting to purchase the rundown theatre and turn it into one of his profitable gyms. He has a past that links him to this area in London and Abel is determined to bulldoze his way and make his mark.

“Then on behalf of women everywhere, let’s give him hell.”

What ensues is a battle of the wills between our sexy entrepreneur and our seductive burlesque entertainer. And, what a fun and erotic battle it was! Genie finally discovers what her uncle is up to when it comes to the future of the theatre and when she does there is hell to raise. She is fervently opposed to selling her beloved theatre, the only home she has ever known, and she will fight tooth and nail for it. But, Abel will not go down without a fight either. With a sexual chemistry between the pair that is hot enough to blaze through any native forest, there is only so much antagonistic behavior they can engage in before matters turn into something erotic and sexually enticing.


“I don’t like him, he doesn’t like me, and then every now and then we meet in the middle and rip each other’s clothes off.”

Abel is one heck of an arrogant and belligerent butt-hole! Despite the sexiness his overall package offers, there were quite a few times where I wanted to punch him where the sun don’t shine. And, Genie. What can I say about Genie other than the fact that I whole-heartedly adored her! She is this lively, honest and confident woman, the perfect individual to take on the rude dip-stick. We are gradually enlightened about Abel’s tormented past and the reasons behind his loathing for all that Genie represents. Both Genie and Abel are intrinsically drawn to one another and they can’t seem to stay away from the other despite the fact that they are at odds. As much as Abel wants to resist the sultry red-head, he can’t seem to keep his wits about him whenever he is in her presence. All this push and pull certainly makes for one entertaining tale especially when you add in the explosive sex scenes. And, speaking of sizzling sex, this book has it in boat loads. Kitty French truly has a gift when it comes to intertwining a wonderfully heart-warming romance that left my heart in a big pile of goop with smoking hot erotic scenes that would have a nun squirming in her panties. I think I need to emphasize just how masterful this author’s erotic prose is.

All in all, Genie by Kitty French was simply a fun delight to read. I loved every word and was unilaterally enthralled from beginning to end. I absolutely adore this author and her style. If you are a lover of sexy, erotically charged, contemporary romance, this book is a must read. Do it! I dare you! ;)


*****An advance reading copy of Genie by Kitty French was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.