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REVIEW - Faith by Terry Towers

Faith (A Dark Romance Novel) - Terry Towers

3.5 Stars!


Faith by Terry Towers is a stand-alone dark erotic romance and it also marks my first read by this author. What has been penned here is a storyline that has been done many times before but with a unique flare that made it somewhat stand out. This is most definitely a dark and twisted read with two characters with a plethora of issues between them.

Emily is the quintessential pastor’s daughter, good to the bone and very naïve when it comes to the ways of the world. She has been raised in a very sheltered manner and the one time she decides to stray from her strict upbringing and go out with her friends to a club, she wanders right into the evil dragon’s lair. Tanner is a cold-heart, morally deplete, manipulative and calculative human trafficker. He is on the hunt for a new female to kidnap when he spies Emily at a club. Emily’s sweetness and wholesome are an allure that Tanner is unable to resist. It does not take much on his part to take Emily from all she knows. So begins a battle where Miss Innocent is not afraid to use her claws and Mr. Pyschopath has just brought home more than he bargained for.

I enjoyed this story overall. Emily’s character was a little unbelievable at times as she seemed to make some really poor choices and her naiveté was a little extreme. Tanner was one twisted mofo. Holy. As Tanner and Emily commence their sadistic tug-o-war relationship and as feelings begin to emerge between them they go through a journey where they discover how darkness and light can balance each other out. All in all, if you are a lover of dark erotic romance I would say give this book a try. Faith was an entertaining read.

****A review copy of Faith by Terry Towers was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.