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REVIEW - Inappropriate by Elizabeth Finn

Inappropriate (Bristol Island Standalone Books Book 2) - Elizabeth Finn, Marci Clark
5 Stars!

adjective: inappropriate
1. not suitable or proper in the circumstances.
"there are penalties for inappropriate behavior"


Inappropriate is the second book in Elizabeth Finn’s Bristol Island series. I have a few books by this author under my belt. She never ceases to impress me with her all-consuming romantic tales that clench my heart with a vice-like grip. I become completely engulfed in Ms. Finn’s stories and admire her ability to make me feel each and every time. Once again, Ms. Finn has produced a truly wonderful tale and has penned an intriguing, raw, angsty and insightful romance that had me screaming in frustration, wanting to commit murder by chopping off a certain someone’s gonads, had me happily sighing and also left me all hot and bothered seeking out a powerful industrial-sized fan.

“Have you ever made a quick impetuous decision, not really thinking of the consequences? You just.... say yes when you should have said no.”

Have you ever hastily made a decision only to come to regret it? Of course you have. Haven’t we all? Well, that is exactly what happens when our heroine, Dylan Corbett, Bristol Island’s newest resident, decides to take on a new doctor. She never could have predicted the ramifications such a choice would have. Dylan is an erotic romance author who has moved to Bristol Island for an escape, being drawn to the island’s secluded surroundings. She is a woman with a hurtful past, one that she wants to keep from escaping out into the open.

“This is Bristol Island. This is my world. And this is all I have. My life is here, my career.”

Cohen Jessup, also known as Dr. Jessup, is Bristol Island’s only doctor. When he accepted the important position as the island’s doctor he never imagined that he would become a much beloved outcast in the community, offering a very important service but never being able to form deep relationships or commitments due to the ethics involved with being a doctor. When Cohen meets his new sexy and curvaceous neighbor he can’t help but be attracted to the beautiful brunette. Before Cohen can muster up enough courage to ask her out, Dylan shows up at his office and becomes his patient. Taking things any further than a simple friendship is now off the table as it would be highly inappropriate.


“That’s a hell of a chip you have on your shoulder.” He studied her for a moment. “It’s okay. I’m sure you came by it honestly.”


“The woman he couldn’t ethically fuck he wanted to fuck six ways to Sunday without a single socially acceptable barrier between them.”


“She didn’t want this. She didn’t want to hurt for a man. But she didn’t want the emptiness, and she didn’t know how to fill it anymore.”


”In truth, she didn’t’ fall at all, hadn’t for years. Her heart had numbed to them long ago, six years before to be exact. She loved the idea of them. But she didn’t love the reality of them.”

Keeping things platonic as well as professional becomes nearly impossible as Cohen and Dylan struggle with their undeniable attraction for one another. Dylan struggles with making herself vulnerable again when it comes to a man she has feelings for and Cohen struggles with the ethical inappropriateness of pursuing a relationship with someone who has been his patient. At the heart of the matter Cohen and Dylan are simply two people who have this innate connection that they are unable to ignore despite the risks getting involved presents. With a sordid past that can surface at any moment and destroy not only her but Cohen, can Dylan take a risk and give in to temptation? Can Cohen ignore his conscience and will he be willing to risk his reputation and quite possibly his career for this chance at something more?

“It hurts to want something you can’t have so much.”

I truly felt for Cohen and Dylan and the difficult situation they found themselves in. They are habitants in a small and isolated community which made things even worse. I felt their connection and their sexual chemistry simply vibrated off the pages of my kindle. It is definitely a bumpy and angsty road for Dylan and Cohen and mistakes were made by both of them. As matters progress and then finally explode into the limelight my heart broke for all that they had to go through. It may have been an uphill battle for them all the way to happiness, but Dylan and Cohen prove to themselves and to each other that they were stronger as a unit more so than standing alone. Together they could uphold one another. Together they could stand strong. And, a relationship that started off as extremely inappropriate becomes one that is the most appropriate of all.

Elizabeth Finn is a master at writing some sexy hot erotica. The love scenes in this book were muy caliente! Do I need to prove it to you?
“I want you to take me upstairs,” he whispered against her ear. “I want to watch you masturbate. I want to lick your pussy. And then I want to stick my cock in it.”


I rest my case.

All in all, Inappropriate was yet another novel by Elizabeth Finn chalk full of her brilliant writing powers. This book had me feeling deeply and by the end I was left completely satiated. The ups and downs, the push and the pull, the tears and the laughter, and the depth of love felt by the hero and heroine for each other all make this book truly shine. A journey truly worth experiencing. I highly recommend this one.


***An advance reading copy of Inappropriate by Elizabeth Finn was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.