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REVIEW - Sexual Awakenings: Curtains

Curtains - Angelica Chase
***This is one review for all four books in this serial novella series.***

4 to 4.5 "Pussy here, now!" Stars!


Sexual Awakenings by Angelica Chase is an erotic four part serial novella series about one woman who sets out on a journey of no holds barred sexual awakening and exploration and not only discovers who she is during the process but also comes to the realization that living on the dark side fulfills her in ways she never thought possible. Each book ends in a startling manner; however, the good news is that the entire series is now released and you do not have to wait to move on to the next book.

This series must be read in sequential order:

Part One: The Waltz
Part Two: The Tango
Part Three: The Last Dance
Part Four: Curtains

“Down the rabbit hole it is.”

Violet Harvell (a.k.a. Vi) has had enough of her failing three-year marriage. The husband who she once loved with all of her heart has been cheating on her for the past year and Violet is no longer willing to sacrifice her own happiness and remain in the empty void that is her marriage. She decides that she wants to spend one year exploring her deep seated desires that have long been ignored in her cold marriage. This sexual adventure would be one of enlightenment and experiencing new things, an awakening of sorts.

Violet’s searching leads her to The Rabbit Hole, a sex club where anything can happen. There she meets Rhys Voltz, the owner of the club and a Dom himself. Rhys is the answer to her every fantasy. He is sex incarnate and “Mr. Thick Cock” himself is just the man to take her on this kinky sexual voyage. The connection Rhys and Violet have is powerful and intense. Violet wanted to have her every desire met and what she got with Rhys was so much more than that. As a matter of fact, both Rhys and Violet get a whole lot more than they bargained for.


“I was so blinded with lust and my own agenda, I hadn’t realized he had his own.” –Violet


Join Rhys and Violet as they embark on this tantalizing journey of deceit, kink and eroticism. There are a lot of bumps in the road and both have some huge revelations that come out into the open leaving them reeling with the aftermath. Violet’s world went from one of desperation, anger and sadness over her failing marriage to one filled with kinky pain and pleasure at the hands of a masterful Dom. As for Rhys, he was used to keeping the women in his life at a distance, always breaking things off when things became too serious emotionally. Violet was different. She was someone he wanted to pursue with everything that he had – complications and all. Both had a lot of baggage and both had to not only embrace their physical connection which was intense and magnetic, but they also had to deal with how they connected on an emotional level which was as equally as powerful. I loved how both their characters evolved and grew. They were challenged and had to overcome some enormous obstacles; however, in the end what they shared was worth the struggle and the fight.


“Doms don’t have to say I love you.”

Sexual Awakenings is a fantastic, fast-paced and seriously sexy series. The writing is great as Ms. Chase takes us on a whimsical ride of emotion, passion, lust, desire and love. Violet’s and Rhys’ relationship evolves from one miscommunication and uncontrollable passion to one of absolute love. If you are a fan of sexy books with a dose of kink I would urge you to give this serial novella series a go. Definitely worth the read.


*****A review copy of The Waltz (Sexual Awakenings #1) by Angelica Chase was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.