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True - Laurann Dohner
4.5 Stars!

True is the eleventh installment in Laurann Dohner’s New Species series. This is a fantastically steamy and fun series that has yet to disappoint. Full of action, hot and sweaty scenes and romantically sweet moments, I am absolutely hooked when it comes to the sexy New Species alphas. When they find their mate, there is no stopping the wild beasts within! ;)

True (a.k.a. #710) is a canine New Species that was not freed initially. He was stolen by former Mercile employees and taken to another location. He was located much later and recovered with a few others. His past and the information given is very vague. We know that he endured a lot of horrifying experiences at the hands of Mercile, like all the other New Species. We also discover that he once has some affectionate feelings towards a human female only to have it seem that he was foolish to feel that way. Presently, True has assimilated to his new life as a freed New Species and is working with the human task force that are charged with finding New Species that are still in captivity. He has a purpose and focus. All is well in his world until he encounters a dying woman at one of their raids to recover captive New Species, the same woman who he once harbored feelings for. A woman who is now his enemy.

When Jeanie Shiver took on a position with Drackwood Research she had no idea that she would be working in a facility where captured New Species were being hidden. Jeanie knew that she could not walk away from the job without losing her life so she decided to try and help the New Species instead. This started her off on a long and dangerous journey that came with its own set of horrifying incidents that she had to endure. It was all worth it to Jeanie, though. Jeanie will never forget #710, one of the New Species that she hopes is freed now due to her efforts. He was someone who reached into her heart and did not let go.

When True and Jeanie are reunited once again, it is not under amicable circumstances. Jeanie is found severely wounded at the Cornos facility, a partner of Mercile Industries. It is clear that she worked for Cornos and was part of the employees who were continuing to run torturous experiments on New Species. Once Jeanie is recovered she will be sent to Fuller, the prison for humans who have committed crimes against the New Species. That is, unless she can prove she was helping free the New Species all along. Can she get through to True? Will the connection they shared once be her saving grace?

True may have not been a widely known character from previous books; however, I instantly fell in love with him. He most definitely faced a tumultuous inner battle as his duty to his kind needed to take precedent over the feelings Jeanie evoked in him. Jeanie was a sweet woman with a beautiful heart. She had her own battle to fight as she tried to prove her innocence. True and Jeanie had a rough and bumpy road. Can love conquer all when the person who holds your heart be the enemy of your people?

Laurann Dohner has penned another winner with True. We not only get a sweet love story but we also get to catch up with much beloved New Species from earlier books as well as being introduced to various new characters. Next up is Darkness’ book. I am very much looking forward to this one especially with this line: “You have heart, True. I don’t. Mine was torn out a long time ago and damaged beyond repair.”