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REVIEW- Tamed by Stacey Kennedy

Tamed - Stacey Kennedy
3.5 “Kitten” Stars!

“He wanted submission. She demanded the pain she needed to drift away from reality.”


Tamed is book five in Stacey Kennedy’s Club Sin series. This installment to the series brings Porter and Kenzie to the forefront. Can the sassy spit-fire who likes to give all the Club Sin Doms a run for their money be tamed by the Dom who has a lot to prove?

Porter Marshall, a successful private investigator that owns his own company, has been a Dom and living the lifestyle for quite a number of years. He’s a recent addition to the Club Sin family and is close to becoming a Club Sin Master. However, in order to achieve his goal of becoming a Master, Porter must play with the club “brat” for thirty days. He knows for certain his patience is about to be tested. Kenzie Hart is the one Club Sin submissive that gives all the Doms reason to bring out their inner sadist. She is the fiery sub that can’t be tamed. Kenzie enjoys pushing the limits in order to get the Doms to dole out some punitive measures, but there is no way she is going to let a Dom get too close to her emotionally.

“Ah, kitten, keep hissing at me. I’m becoming rather fond of it.”


“Hell, she knew she lived in the past too much to be present in the now.”

Porter soon realizes that Kenzie will definitely be his biggest challenge yet. Their sexual attraction may be scorching hot but he demands nothing but complete submission from Kenzie, something she is unwilling to give. Porter knows that he must proceed with caution if he is going to get anywhere with Kenzie and break down her highly-erected and well-guarded walls. As the pair begin to learn more about one another, Porter realizes that there is more to Kenzie than the problematic sub she portrays for all of Club Sin. She is hiding behind a façade, one that masks a great deal of hurt and emotional pain. As Porter begins to see the true submissive that Kenzie keeps hidden from the rest of the world, he can’t help but want more from the spunky sub who is slowly inching her way into his heart. Can Kenzie finally allow someone in and can she handle finally giving up complete control?

Overall I found Porter and Kenzie’s story to be well-paced and entertaining despite the fact that this book is not overly lengthy. I absolutely loved Porter. He has a heart of gold and is the perfect Dom to tame Kenzie. The sex in this book was nothing too overly graphic and intense, just like the previous books in this series. I believe it would be safe to call this a BDSM-lite book/series. Yes, Porter and Kenzie do share some highly erotic and sexalicious moments; however, nothing shared between the pair was extreme in any way. I suppose if you are interested in BDSM books and have yet to read one, this series may be a good start seeing that there is nothing too risky being thrown at the reader.

I did have some issues with the book. Kenzie was not my favorite heroine of the series so far. I did not mind the fact that she was so guarded and difficult, but I did find the reasons behind her behavior to be rather silly. Sure she has experienced hurt in the past but we all go through things that cause us emotional pain. What she went through, for me, did not warrant the fact that she had some pretty fortified walls around her heart. That’s just me though. Further, the book seemed to end rather abruptly which has happened with some of the previous books. I am positive we will see more of Porter and Kenzie in the remaining books in the series, but a little more of an ending regarding the two would have solidified them more as being together and seeking out their happy forever.

All in all, Tamed was a good read that held my attention. I am a fan of the series and am looking forward to what else Ms. Kennedy has in store for her readers with it comes to Club Sin and the kinky delights that take place within its walls.


****An advance reading copy of Tamed by Stacey Kennedy was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.