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ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH - Lisa P. Review

Zip, Zero, Zilch (The Reed Brothers Book 6) - Tammy Falkner
4.5 "Cupcake" Stars!


Zip, Zero, Zilch is the sixth book in Tammy Falkner’s The Reed Brothers series and it picks up right where the novella, Beautiful Bride, left off. I love this series and have fallen hard for all the sexy Reed Brothers. With all of his brothers now living their happy forever with the women they love, it is time to see Sam finally get his turn at taking a chance on a forever kind of love. Filled with sweetness, tender-hearted moments, witty banter and sexy good times, this book sure did not disappoint. Happy sigh!


Sam Reed and his brothers may have not had the easiest of upbringings but they have all managed to reach for their goals and live the life they dreamed of. Sam is no exception and seems to be living the American dream with a contract to play professional football and a loving family who supports him. Despite his success, Sam feels as if something is missing in his life. He sees how in love all his brothers are with their significant others and he can’t help but long for the same thing. He wants to find his other half. The problem is that Sam thinks he may have already found her. Too bad the sexy rock chick he can’t stop thinking about shies away from him and wants nothing to do with him.


Peck Vasquez’s life has been far from glamorous. In fact, she had a very rough childhood and was left to fall into the cracks of the foster system. It was in foster care that she met four other girls who became her sisters of the heart. Luck was shining upon all the girls when they were one day adopted by the same loving couple. They were finally given a safe nurturing haven to be themselves and to reach for their dreams. Now Peck and her sisters make up an all-girl band, Fallen From Zero, and they are on their way to having worldwide acclaim. Despite the success of the band, Peck has her insecurities that run deep. It is because of those insecurities that she believes that the advances of a guy like Sam Reed are genuine. How could he want a cast-away like her?
"She is going to marry me one day. She just doesn’t know it yet.”


He squeezes my hand. “I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you, cupcake,” he says. “I just wish you could love me back.”


“Do you think you could fall in love with me, cupcake?”


“I’m having really inappropriate thoughts about you right now,” I blurt out. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. When I open them, she is grinning.

“What kind of inappropriate thoughts?”

“The kind where you’re completely naked.”

“And what are you wearing?”

I stop, close my eyes, and again take a deep breath. Then I open my eyes and look straight into hers. “You.”


“You can try out my piercing after you fall in love with me, okay?”


“I kind of need for you to love me, Peck.” He’s quiet but fierce. “You’re not in love with me yet, are you?”

“Um…” I don’t know how to answer him.

“It’s okay. Don’t rush it. I can wait.”

Peck is so guarded and closed off and Sam knows he needs to approach and proceed with extreme caution. He essentially wanted her from the first moment he laid eyes on her lush and curvy body. Even though Peck is very attracted to Sam she can’t help but believe that he will end up hurting her and she would not survive that kind of hurt. The best thing she can do is stay away from someone that can break her heart. When circumstances lead to Peck staying at Sam’s apartment for an indeterminate amount of time all her plans of ignoring Sam’s advances fly out the proverbial window. For Sam, he finally has the woman of his dreams where he wants her and there is no way he is going to let her get away. I love how sweet and caring Sam was with Peck. He was endearing, charming and so openly honest about his feelings for Peck. Seriously, how could you not fall hard for him??? His penchant for dirty talking was simply an added bonus! ;)

Like every book in this series, Zip, Zero, Zilch is sugary sweet with a huge dollop of gushy and wonderful moments. Is it a little over-the-top at times? Perhaps. But, I would not have it any other way. I sure love being transported into a love story that is nothing but sweetness, one that gives me butterflies. I enjoy reading a book with little to no angst where I simply want to see the hero and heroine fall in love and proceed to dance with unicorns in the rainbows all the way into a happily ever after. Sure, Sam and Peck have a bit to work out and their happy forever is not going to come super easy; however, they both know real when they see it and what they share is worth the fight. Both Peck and Sam make some mistakes along the way but it only serves to cement their relationship even deeper. It also helps that Ms. Falkner adds in some seriously hot moments between the pair that will leave you fanning your girlie parts. Those Reed boys certainly have mad skills. *wink, wink*
“The Reeds take people in like they’re family. Anyone. The only requirement is that you have a pulse. And if you don’t have a heart, they’ll give you theirs.”

One of the best things about this series and about each book is being able to catch up with the Reed brothers in each and every book. I simply love seeing how much love they have for one another and how they embody a true sense of family. Their banter and antics make them these seriously hot and lovable band of brothers with unwavering love for one another that you will fall in love with more and more with each book. The connection between the Reeds is absolutely beautiful. There is one scene in particular in this book starring Logan, the first of the Reed boys to give his heart away, that had me crying and clutching my heart. This whole series simply melts my heart!

All in all, Zip, Zero, Zilch is a wonderful addition to this series and I loved seeing Sam and Peck, who both had fame and fortune, discover that one thing they needed to make them complete. Each other. This book also marks the final book about the Reed brothers. Sniff, sniff. While Sam was the last Reed to find love the series will continue and Ms. Falkner has books planned for each of the members of Fallen From Zero as well as other secondary characters. Well now. That is news that makes me giddy with joy. After getting to know Peck’s sisters a little in this book I am sure what is to come next will be just as amazing as all the previous books. I simply can’t wait for more!

“Tell me what you want.”

“You,” I say. “Just you.”

“You got me,” he whispers against my lips.