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VALIANT - Review by Lisa P.

Valiant - Laurann Dohner

4.5 “Lion Man-Beast” Stars!


Valiant is book three in Laurann Dohner’s New Species series. I am wholly addicted to this fantastic series. I can’t seem to get enough of these animalistic men with hyper overprotective tendencies with a propensity to give out copious amounts of orgasms to their females! ;D

“He’d spent a lifetime locked in a dank cell, hurting most of the time, and always so lonely. The idea of having a mate, someone to get to know, to share life with, had become his ultimate dream.”

Valiant is one of the more feared New Species, someone who did not necessarily fully acclimatize to the fact that they now had to share space with humans. More animal than man, his hatred for the human race runs deep. Valiant spent a lifetime at the mercy of his human captors at Mercile Industries with much of his time spent hurt and alone. All he wants now is to find a New Species mate and live a life of peace. When a human female accidently wanders into his territory, Valiant can’t help but be attracted to her. Her appealing scent, her fear and her tempting beauty all have him rethinking his vow to never take a human mate. Once he has her there is no way Valiant will let her go.

"I've decided I'm keeping you forever. You're mine."

Oh yeah....the hunt is on!

Tammy Shasta unknowingly goes to the wrong location on the New Species Reservation due to being given the wrong directions. Her life motto of “shit happens” no longer seems to apply when she is confronted by a roaring terrifying lion man-beast who looks like he wants to eat her for dinner. All of a sudden her life is flashing before her eyes. The scary scene takes an unexpected turn when the frightening male decides to claim her for his own. It does not take long for Valiant to show Tammy just how many “benefits” being with a New Species actually has. Can Tammy let herself be claimed by someone who relies more on his animal instincts than he does his human ones?

I absolutely ADORED Valiant. His back story broke my heart and I so desperately wanted Tammy to accept him and give him the unconditional love he so desperately craved. I loved how fiercely protective he was when it came to Tammy and how hard he tried to be all the she needed. There was something so endearingly vulnerable about Valiant in his quest to win over his mate. It did not take long for Tammy to discover that Valiant’s roar was not as threatening as everyone believed, at least not when it came to her. I loved how she stood up to him and was not afraid of this frightening New Species male that even other males held at arm’s length. With it becoming increasingly more dangerous for human females to be with a New Species male, can Valiant and Tammy somehow find a balance between their two worlds? Is their connection strong enough?

I have mentioned before that this series is most definitely a guilty pleasure read for me. Valiant sure did not disappoint when it came to his “sexual prowess”. Holy heck!

“Open up for me. I need that at least. Your scent calls to me so strongly I hurt. Let me lick you until you come, screaming for me. Let me enjoy your cream.” He purred suddenly, his head lifted until those catlike eyes of his locked with her shocked gaze. “I love cream.” He licked his lips slowly.


Seriously, who can blame Tammy for giving in? If I were her, I would be like....


And then like....


True story.

Don’t judge, kay. You read these books and try to stay unaffected. I dare you!

All in all, Valiant is the best book in the series so far. I loved it. I can’t wait to get to Justice’s story next. The leader of the New Species needs a strong female to have his back. I am sure Ms. Dohner will deliver.