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REVIEW - Henry's End

Henry's End - Julie A. Richman
3 Stars!


Henry’s End is a stand-alone M/M romance by Julie A. Richmond that outlines Henry Clark’s journey into the murky and turbulent waters of love. For those readers that have read Ms. Richmond’s Needing Moore series, they will already be familiar with Henry’s character as he appears in both Searching for Moore and Moore than Forever. This is my first book by this author and it was a fairly enjoyable read.

I am purposefully going to keep this review vague as I do not want to give anything away when it comes to the overall story arc. Henry is an extremely lovable, successful gay man whose close friends have all entered into serious relationships and have all started to settle down. Henry longs to find that one person who makes his heart sing, someone he can spend the rest of his life with and grow old with. As we embark on this journey with Henry we will walk with him through pain, loss, romance, passion and love. There are a few twists and turns along the way as Henry discovers who he is and ultimately finds his one.

While I did enjoy this novel overall I never really connected with Henry or any of the other characters and I felt that in some parts the writing was a little disjointed throwing me off. I could not help but wonder if I was missing something because I had not read the Needing Moore series where Henry plays a role as a secondary character. I do agree that this book could be read as a stand-alone; however, perhaps you would get greater reading pleasure if you were to have read the previous books where Henry makes an appearance. I am not sure. In the end this was a story about a man finding his way. It left me with a happy heart and a smile on my face.

****An advance reading copy of Henry's End by Julie A. Richman was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


REVIEW - Filthy Dirty Alpha

Filthy Dirty Alpha - Grace Morgan
4 Stars!

“Thirty days. You live with me here, in my apartment. You’ll be a part of everything I do here.”

“When you say everything...” my voice trailed, going whisper soft.

“We’re going to fuck, Lola.”


Filthy Dirty Alpha is book one in Grace Morgan’s new erotic series about a reporter determined to uncover some answers and a deliciously gorgeous sex club owner determined to loosen her up in more ways than one. This is a debut novel for Ms. Morgan, I believe, and I can say that I was impressed. This turned out to be a fun, sexy hot read that I could not put down and is definitely an intriguing start to what I think is going to be a great series.

Burke is a co-owner of one of the most notorious and secretive sex clubs in Austin, Texas. He’s a successful business-man who embraces all that comes with a rough, dirty and kinky lifestyle. The last thing he needs is a nosey and prissy reporter immersing herself in his club to try and seek out answers to an unsolved mystery regarding a woman who used to be a member of the club. Even if such reporter is a beautiful woman who has him imagining all sorts of ways to fuck her senseless.

Lola is a reporter for the Austin Tribune. She’s investigating the disappearance of a young woman named Hope in an attempt to discover what exactly happened to her. Lola’s latest trail leads her to the Second Circle, a sex club with a dangerously alluring owner who makes her an offer she is unable to refuse. Thirty days spent with him, living in his apartment, where she will be his. In exchange she will have access to the club and its members for her investigatory purposes.

“What if I don’t like being tied up?”

“You can’t tell me your panties aren’t soaked right now just thinking about me fucking you in all the ways I want to take you.”

Told in dual POV, this first installment to the series set the scene and cemented the overall story arc beautifully. The slow burn building between Lola and Burke is destined to cause some rippling explosions and does, in fact, lead to some sizzling hot scenes. Ms. Morgan’s writing is engaging and I was hooked in right from the start. Lola and Burke certainly have some combustible chemistry. As Lola slowly starts to uncover some buried secrets things will definitely start to get interesting. I, for one, am interested to see what direction this author will take in the upcoming installments.

All in all, Filthy Dirty Alpha is a fantastic, fast-paced and seriously sexy start to this new erotica series. The writing is great as Ms. Morgan takes us on a whimsical ride of emotion, passion, lust, desire and secrets. I am looking forward to more!

****An advance reading copy of Filthy Dirty Alpha by Grace Morgan was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - Opulence by Angelica Chase

Opulence (The Excess Series Book 1) - Angelica Chase, Edee M Fallon

4 Stars!


Opulence is the first book in Angelica Chase’s new three-part novella series entitled The Excess. I am a fan of this author and was very much looking forward to this novella. Frankly, even if I had never heard of this author I still would have wanted to pick this up. She had me at “FILTHY EROTIC ROMANCE”. Yup, I am easy like that. ;)

Thirty-one year old Nina Scott went from living a boring, married and peaceful life in middle class suburbia to one of extreme wealth practically overnight. One idea had Nina fast-tracking it into opulence and luxury. Wealth and power should have been the answer to all of her dreams coming true, the path to happiness and fulfillment. Should have been. Instead, Nina finds herself confined by all the choices she has made in the past few years. Climbing the social ladder and making a name for herself in a world she was not familiar with has cost Nina more than she bargained for. Gone is the carefree girl that dreamed of a more affluent lifestyle. She has been replaced by a ruthless piranha whose cravings have gotten the better of her.


“I fed his need for dominance; he fed my inner whore.” – Nicola about Devin


Nina’s life is very much in a fish bowl filled with sharks. One of those so called sharks is Devin McIntyre, an investment banker with a need for dominance. What Nina and Devin shared was filthy, raw and passionate. However, it was also false and their end was only a matter of time. After all, Devin’s marital status has a way of getting in the way. Nina breaks things off with Devin, severing all personal and professional ties. She is tired of living such an empty life and wants to turn over a new leaf, righting some wrongs along the way.


Nina meets Aiden, a gorgeous surfer, musician and owner of a local bar called The Mystic. He’s so different than the people who have surrounded her these last few years and Nina can’t help but fall under his spell. However, Nina is still very much at some crossroads. She may have walked away from Devin and all that he represents but is she truly over her addiction to the man? Further, will Devin let her go without a fight? Aiden may be charming and very persistent in his pursuit of her, but is Nina truly ready to jump into another relationship so quickly?

I have to admit that I did not like Nina at all when I began reading the book. I found her cold and, frankly, she was quite a bitch. I also was not on board when it came to her relationship with Devin. I am still not happy with that choo-choo train of lies, lust and deceit. As the story progressed I did find myself warming up to Nina more and more. I commend her for realizing how much misery money had caused her and how she was willing to start making the necessary changes in her life. She has a long ways to go I believe and I am certain we are in for some bumpy terrain as Nina tries to figure out her life.

I must point out that the one person who I fell madly in love with right from his introduction was Aiden. Holy crackers, this guy is sex on a stick! Damn! I am interested to see how his character will develop. He still remains very much an enigma at this point.

All in all, Opulence is a fantastic, fast-paced and seriously sexy start to this new serial novella series. The writing is great as Ms. Chase takes us on a whimsical ride of emotion, passion, lust, desire and new beginnings. For those readers that are not fans of love-triangles in their books I would still urge you to read this one. While there are two men in Nina’s life, at this point in the storyline it is not really a love triangle. It is more about Nina attempting to move forward with her life, shedding one man and possibly falling into the arms of another. We shall see how this all plays out. If you are a fan of sexy books this one is definitely worth the read.

****An advance reading copy of Opulence by Angelica Chase was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - In the Absence of Light

In The Absence of Light  - Adrienne Wilder
5+++++ Stars!

"This book is dedicated to: Anyone and everyone who has ever been misunderstood, cast out, or ostracized for simply being who you are. Forgive the ignorant. They know not what lies within the layers of our reality."


This book.....


Every once in a while I read a book that renders me speechless and affects me on such a profound and elemental level that is hard for me to put into words. In The Absence of Light by Adrienne Wilder fits into this category. This is one of those books that is beyond words or accurate descriptions. It moved me. I truly felt every emotion. I hurt. I got angry. I grieved. I laughed. I felt joy. And, I fell in love.

The story is set in the quiet and peaceful town of Durstand. A place where meddling inhabitants, outdoor theatres for cows, dilapidated homes and concertos of colorful light all around you seem to be a part of the everyday norm. This is a portrayal of how one man who is biding his time is given a reason to stay where he is and lay down some roots. He learns to look beyond the obvious and begins to see with his heart rather than his eyes.


Thirty-eight year old Grant Kessler has recently moved to the small town of Durstand with a long-term plan. Having recently retired from a questionably legal shipping business, a choice of employment that put Grant on the FBI’s radar, he has decided to lay low for a few years before he is able to slip away and live the coastal life of leisure that he has always wanted. It does not take long for Grant’s world to go in a direction he never saw coming. However, his lethal past has followed him to this sleepy town and is now threatening all that Grant is learning he can’t live without.

When Grant first encounters twenty-four year old Morgan Kade, he does what most people do when meeting someone with an obvious disability or impairment – he makes unfounded assumptions essentially marginalizing Morgan, not understanding all that he is capable of. Morgan is a fairly high functioning young man on the autism spectrum. With an astounding resilience and fortitude, he has fought hard his whole life and now lives a fully independent and self-sufficient life. He’s wickedly funny, brilliant, misunderstood and is often trapped by things beyond his control. He lives in a world where he is judged by his uncontrollable stimms (tics), his lack of eye contact and social awkwardness. Most can’t see past his behaviours that don’t necessarily fit into societal norms. He does not want to be pitied though. Morgan lives his life how he sees fit and definitely knows how to stand his ground showing people that he may be someone who has autism, but it does not define him.


Morgan is not shy when it comes to his interest in the newest resident of Durstand; however, Grant is not so quick to give into his attraction afraid of what others would think if he were to show his interest in the beautifully odd man. He, like many others, questioned Morgan’s capability to even decide that he was gay.

“Morgan is gay, he’s not disabled.”

“He’s gay?”


“Who decided that?”

“He did.”

Was he kidding? Someone like Morgan wouldn’t even know what sex was let alone sexuality.

It does not take long for Morgan to show Grant just how truly special he is with his quick wit and amazing mind. Grant may be the older of the two but Morgan is the one that becomes the teacher, never afraid to call Grant on his misguided preconceptions. Grant tries so hard to stop what is brewing between him and Morgan, but how could he stop the fall when the world that was slowly engulfing him was so beautiful and bright? Morgan shows Grant the importance of the “absence of light”; how in the darkness we can truly see what is in one’s soul. By removing the light you have to focus on what’s real and purposeful, rather than worrying about insignificant imperfections or actions that make you stand out. It was in those quiet moments, in the darkness, that Grant was able to see just how beautifully unique of a man Morgan is.

“There will never be anyone like you, Morgan.”

He closed his eyes for a moment.

“Never, not in a million years or a million lifetimes, will there be anyone else who has what I want.”


“Love is easy.” He traced my eyebrow with his thumb. “Trust is what’s hard. Broken hearts can be fixed. Broken trust?” His touch followed a tear down my cheek to my lips. “Trust doesn’t heal.”


“I can give you what I have, but I can never give you everything.” It wasn’t Morgan didn’t want to, he couldn’t. I could see that too. He could never give me all of himself because he didn’t control everything he had.”


“Because you’re perfect and for some reason you find me worthy of your perfection. Because you’re a gift and I will not let you forget that.”

The romance between Morgan and Grant is what makes this book shine in my opinion. It is not often that I read a book where the romance developing between the two main characters is so beautifully raw and transparent. Grant may have made many dubious decisions as he built his empire and made his fortune; however, he became a different man with Morgan. He was willing to give up everything and risk it all just to have Morgan become a permanent fixture in his life. He most definitely made mistakes along the way and did have moments where Morgan’s autism was something he could not ignore. But, Morgan was never afraid to point out when Grant was being an ass. What Grant and Morgan gave to each other was unlike anything else they had experienced. Truly a moving, tender-hearted love story.

I mentioned earlier that this book affected me on a more personal level. I am the mother of a seven year old boy who has autism. He is one of the lights in my life that shines brightly and our family would not be complete without him. So, with this being said, I understood how simple it was for Grant to fall for Morgan. To become so enraptured. Why you may ask? I understand what a gift it is to be allowed into the world of someone like Morgan and my son. It is pure, unadulterated joy, innocence and love. That is what you get. The level of trust that it takes for someone like Morgan to allow you into his world is no small thing. Grant realized this and knew that what was he was receiving from Morgan was nothing short of perfection.

All in all, In The Absence of Light is an incredibly powerful book that made my heart bleed as I tried to take in all that I was experiencing while reading. Ms. Wilder’s lyrical style of writing grabbed a hold of me right from the start and I feel that the beautiful romance she penned was balanced perfectly with the suspenseful FBI sub-plot. Most individuals on the autism spectrum are still very much a marginalized group of people as many fail to see beyond their quirky ways and peculiar behaviours. I do think that this author did a wonderful job showcasing the fact that someone with a disability or a “disorder” such as autism is so much more than their diagnosis. Adrienne Wilder allowed Morgan to shine and for that I am thankful. This is a book that will stay with me for quite some time, possibly forever. A highly recommended read.


*****A review copy of In The Absence of Light by Adrienne Wilder was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


REVIEW - Hard to Be Good

Hard to Be Good (Hard Ink) - Laura Kaye

See my review at Sinfully .

4.5 “Conquering Fear” Stars!

“The instant his lips crashed into Jeremy’s, Charlie realized something he’d never known before. Conquering fear didn’t mean not being afraid, it meant being afraid of something and doing it anyway. It meant saying no to fear—no you can’t rule me, no you can’t hold me back, no you can’t keep me from the things I want the most. Not anymore.”


Hard to Be Good is a novella in Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series. Since the onset of this series, I have been a huge fan . The books simply get better and better. If you have yet to pick up this series, it is a darn great one to dive into. This novella picks up where book three ends as the overall story arc essentially flows from one book to another. For this reason I highly recommend reading book one first if you have not already done so. This book also marks the first M/M one in the series. I commend this author for branching out and giving us Jeremey and Charlie’s story.

Essentially, five former Special Forces soldiers have rekindled their connection and bond that was severed one year prior when their commander betrayed them all with his involvement in illegal activities. Forced to leave the army with reputations in shambles, the men are now on a mission to uncover exactly what their ex-commander was involved in, to clear their names and restore their honor. The team is searching for answers and as they become more entrenched into the world of organized crime, drugs and the sex slave trade, they discover that more is at stake than what they could have ever imagined. This novella is about two background characters who are not the former soldiers but are an important part of the storyline nonetheless.

Jeremy Rixey is the owner of Hard Ink Tattoo, the place that has become the hub for the Special Forces team led by Nick Rixey trying to seek out justice. Jeremy is also Nick’s younger brother and is determined to stand by his brother and his team and help them with their fight. His life has been turned inside out with the team, and now many others, invading his shop and personal space. Charlie Merritt is a computer genius who was recently kidnapped for his connection to the commander. His sister sought out Nick to help her save Charlie and this led to his eventual rescue, but not before damage was done. With Nick and his sister now romantically involved and Charlie being wholly invested in uncovering the truth just as much as the others, he is now fully entrenched in this dangerous search for answers. Both Jeremy and Charlie are shouldering a lot of blame for things beyond their control. They both have also been attracted to each other from the start but have yet to act on what they are feeling. Can they move past their guilt and try and find a sliver of happiness when everything else in their worlds seems so out of control?

Jeremy and Charlie experience a few bumps when they both decide to take things further than the strong friendship they have been building. Charlie grew up with a father who was anything but accepting of his sexual orientation. He’s afraid of what everyone will think if him and Jeremy were to come out into the open. Would they be accepting or would he once again experience ignorance and disgust just for simply embracing who is his? I loved how patient Jeremy was and how open he was with Charlie, fully understanding that he needed to tread carefully. With Jeremy’s kind support and gentle nudges, Charlie may just be able to let go of his past.

Both men have a few sizzling hot stolen moments amidst all the chaos. And, I must say, those scenes were not only passion-filled and sexy but they were also a lot of fun to read. One of my favorite lines in the book was when Jeremy gets an eye full of all that Charlie has to offer.
“And holy. Fucking, Hell. Charlie was hung. He had a good ten inches of long, hard cock. It was like learning unicorns were real.”

I must say. I got a little jealous of Jeremy. I want to learn that unicorns are real, too! ;)

All in all, Hard to Be Good was a wonderful addition to this series. I loved this novella and this little snippet that we get of Jeremy and Charlie. I’m hoping that this is not the last M/M romance that Ms. Kaye writes. Regardless, I am wholly invested in this series and can’t wait for more!

****An advance reading copy of Hard to Be Good by Laura Kaye was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


REVIEW - Unblocked: Episode Two

Unblocked - Episode Two (Timber Towers Series Book 2) - Marni Mann
4 “Sweet Seduction” Stars!



DAMN!!!!!!! 0_0

Unblocked- Episode Two by Marni Mann is the second installment in her five-part serial novella series entitled Timber Towers. Each subsequent addition to this series will be released approximately four to six weeks apart. I have to say, Ms. Mann certainly stepped it up a notch with this one. Phew! Talk about a sexually charged, flame-inducing book. With two power-driven individuals who are crossing all kinds forbidden lines, is someone going to get burned?

This second part begins right where book one left us. Derek and Frankie had started to cross some professional boundaries all in the name of inexplicable lust. The connection they share is elemental, raw and dirty hot! To add flames to an already blazing fire, Derek and his dirty talking ways can only be resisted for so long. Both of them have so much at stake and they realize that nothing can ever become of what they feel for one another, what they bring out in each other. With no way of stopping the burning passion igniting between them, Derek and Frankie give in to their desires for one night. One night to feed their cravings and work each other out of their systems. However, with such a profound bond can they simply walk away and keeps things strictly business after just one night?

This novella was one sexy and titillating seduction. You try and read this one and remain unaffected. Derek is a force; a dirty-talking, gritty, rough and domineering man who knows exactly what he wants. With him Frankie is given the opportunity to unleash her sexuality in ways she never dreamed possible. There is definitely more in store for the twenty-seven year old top-selling real estate agent and the architectural designer and rising star developer. After their one night together, can they both control their cravings or will the intensity between them lead to their downfall?

All in all, Unblocked – Episode Two was a great addition to this deliciously sexy series and left me panting for more. This book does end in such a way that I was left wanting the third installment IMMEDIATELY! Gah! I need more more more!

****An advance reading copy of Unblocked - Episode Two by Marni Mann was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - Dark Instincts by Suzanne Wright

Dark Instincts (Phoenix Pack) - Suzanne Wright
4.5 Stars!


Dark Instincts by Suzanne Wright is book four in her The Phoenix Pack series. I have loved and adored this series right from the beginning. It is funny, sexy and packed full of gorgeous alpha wolves who will do whatever it takes to claim what is theirs. Picking up a new book in this series always leaves me glad to be back in this shifter world full of horny wolf-men!

“It has to be said, you’re a constant ray of sunshine, Roni.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Bite me, Fuller.”


This book is about Marcus Fuller, an enforcer for the Phoenix Pack and all around ladies man, and Roni Axton, an enforcer for the Mercury Pack and little sister to her pack’s alpha male. The pair are sort of like oil and water, at least in Roni’s mind. I mean, what can she have in common with the gorgeous male wolf who has a copious amount of females who are willing to share his bed? After all, she is a rough-around-the-edges tomboy who has a hard time being around people in general. Both of them are powerful wolves and there is no denying that there is some crackling sexual chemistry between them. Marcus has made it known that he wants Roni and he is pursuing her with a slow, steady and patient determination that has her reeling. However, there is no way Roni is going to give in to temptation. Even though she is attracted to the possessive wolf-man, she just can’t understand what he sees in someone like her. When a vicious attack by a jackal group has both the Phoenix and Mercury packs joining forces, and has Roni and Marcus working closely together, it is only a matter of time before Marcus gets what he wants from Roni. Both wolves are not prepared for the intensity of their connection. With issues stemming from their pasts can they both simply let go and embrace a true relationship which would leave them open and vulnerable to each other?


Roni tilted her head. “If you’re looking for remorse, you can find it in the dictionary somewhere between rectum and runt.”


“You’re insane.”

He smiled. “I love it when you try to flatter your way into my pants."

I absolutely LOVED Roni. She is one fierce female that I would not want to mess with. The banter exchanged between her and Marcus was hilarious and fun as Marcus slowly chipped away at her defenses and etched his way into her heart. I loved the fact that Roni was loyal and showed her love in small ways. Her relationship with her brothers was fun and the pranks between her and Eli had me laughing out loud. Roni was definitely a female worthy of capturing Marcus’ attention.

Roni, on the other hand….she made him happy – quirks, lollipops and all.

I loved Roni and Marcus together. Despite her past and all that she has been through, Roni is a badass heroine who is not going to let any alpha walk all over her. She is just the challenge that Marcus needs. She is the fun, extremely smart, socially-awkward, hilarious, loyal and beautiful she-wolf that Marcus did not see coming. I loved the fact that Marcus had his own issues and was not always perfect. They both make a few mistakes along the way as they walk along the rocky road of love and markings; however, it all works out in the end. Our couple gets their HEA and we, as the reader, finish with a deep sigh (or a cold shower). Just saying!

All in all, Dark Instincts was just one more reason why I am seriously addicted to this fantastic paranormal series. Ms. Wright provides us with a wonderful erotic romance perfectly balanced with some action and suspense. I highly recommend this series and am definitely looking forward to more books.


****An advance reading copy of Dark Instincts by Suzanne Wright was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - Still the One by Jill Shalvis

Still the One - Jill Shalvis
4.5 Stars!

“Somethings are worth waiting for.”


Still the One by Jill Shalvis is book five in her Animal Magnetism series. I am a huge fan of this author and reading her books is always like coming home for me. We are back in Sunshine, Idaho once again revisiting the lovable crew at Belle Haven and Sunshine Wellness Center. This author seems to follow a familiar formula with many of her books; however, it is a formula that works and keeps me engrossed with the story and her beautifully developed characters. Jill Shalvis writes fantastically hilarious and witty tales, swoony romances and hot and sexy times that leave you all hot and bothered. This book is no exception. Another heart-warming gem of a read about two individuals who drive each other bonkers in more ways than one!




Darcy Stone was someone who sought adventure at every turn, someone who lived life to the fullest and embraced her wild and free spirit. That is until a tragic car accident nearly cost Darcy her life, leaving her with severe injuries that required much extensive physical therapy and a long rehabilitation period that has left her rooted in one place for longer than she cares for. Enter AJ Colten, ex-Navy Seal and physical therapist extraordinaire. AJ is the person who takes it upon himself to push Darcy past her limits and reach for the impossible when it came to her recovery. He is also the person who rejected her when she was feeling her most vulnerable, completely shattering her already susceptible psyche when it comes to abandonment issues. AJ has already been wounded in the past by an ex who was not strong enough to overcome her personal issues, deeply scarring him in the process. The last thing he needs is to give into his overwhelming attraction that he seems to have for the one woman who drives him bat-shit crazy. When AJ finds himself needing Darcy’s help, putting the two of them in close quarters for a time, will the sizzling hot ignitable sparks between them flare and burn out or will they cause an all-mighty explosion? How can two individuals with trust issues and insecurities even begin to cement anything beyond a sexual relationship? Will they be able to embrace what they’re feeling and allow the other in completely?


There is a definite connection that both Darcy and AJ are unable to ignore and it was fun watching them stumble their way into love, blunders and all. I loved Darcy and did understand her hesitations when it came to relationships. AJ had this strong and broody thing going for him, but damn if it was hard not to fall head over heels for the standoffish physical therapist right along with Darcy. Despite their hesitations to enter into the world of love, they both seemed to acknowledge that what they shared went beyond simply lust. I adored watching these two find their way to each other in such a way that can only come from Jill Shalvis. For me, she is the queen of penning light-hearted, funny and sexy romances that have me swooning and laughing out loud. AJ and Darcy’s road to happiness was real and sweet and had me transported to my happy place, somewhere only a great romance novel can take me.

All in all, Still the One is yet another wonderfully executed romance by an author who has yet to let me down. This book is not bogged down with unnecessary over-the-top angst and drama. That is definitely not how Jill Shalvis books work. What you get is a sweet, fun and light-hearted love story that will leave you happily sighing and seeking out a moody physical therapist of your own. I already can’t wait for the next book in this series.

*****An advance reading copy of Still the One by Jill Shalvis was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - Total Surrender

Total Surrender (Sin Brothers) - Rebecca Zanetti
5 “Never alone.” Stars

“A week with a Dean brother is like a year with anybody else. You know. With the shooting, the espionage, the fighting for their lives.”


Total Surrender is the fourth and final book in Rebecca Zanetti’s Sin Brothers series. I am such a huge fan of this series which is packed full of suspense, intrigue, action, romance, love and passion. All the books thus far have grabbed hold of me from start to finish and this fourth installment was no exception. I highly recommend that if you are new to this series that you commence reading the books right from the beginning in sequential order as the overall story arc is explored and expanded upon with each installment. Essentially the series is about four genetically engineered brothers who were created as part of a covert military experiment and who formed part of an elite group of government assassins, raised and molded into genetically altered killing machines with enhanced super human traits. The four brothers managed to escape their creators. Since their escape the mission is simple. Take down the monsters who fashioned them and save their own lives. They lust for revenge and time is running out. Three of the Dean brothers have now found love and have more at stake than ever. When their youngest brother finally comes back into the picture who will be the left standing when time finally runs out?


“....even the smallest lion can have a big roar.”

Jory Dean is the youngest Dean brother and is also the one who has been presumed dead up until recently. While Jory spent two years in a coma being held prisoner at a top secret military compound by the Commander and Dr. Madison, his brothers never stopped in their search to uncover the truth of what exactly happened when Jory was shot. Despite the fact that they were also fighting for their own lives, their steely determination to find out about their missing brother never died between them. Jory is now out of a coma and has built up the much needed strength he will require to get back to his brothers. When a beautiful computer hacker suddenly appears and indicates that she has been hired to reactivate the kill chip that is implanted near Jory’s spine, Jory is unsure as to whether his luck is changing.


“Think. Don’t feel.”


“Why are you here, Piper?”

She exhaled slowly and stretched out her fingers. “I’m here to save you, Jory.”

Piper Oliver is an extremely skilled hacker who has her own personal reasons for being at the compound. She has seven days to accomplish her task and time does not seem to be on her side. Piper believes that she is on the side of good with her new job. Then there is the fact that the man behind the bars with the mesmerizing gray eyes, who she is trying to save, challenges her composure at every turn. However, what happens when Piper discovers that all that she has been led to believe is a lie? Who she thought was the enemy turns out to be her greatest ally and protector as she uncovers the truth and her intellect and emotional sides do battle royale.

“Time to make a choice, sweetheart. Please. Choose me.”


“I love you, Piper. All of you. The smart, the sweet, the lost. Everything you are and whoever you’ll eventually become.”


“I love you, Jory Dean. The tough, the sweet, and definitely the geek."

Jory and Piper certainly do not have it easy from the start; however, their romance was nothing but sweet and tender-hearted with a whole lot of passion. I think Jory may just be my favorite Dean brother. I know, I know….it is so hard to pick. He was a fierce bundle of protectiveness who would stop at nothing to safeguard and defend those he loved. Pretty much like all the Dean men! He may have tried to not get involved with Piper but their sizzling attraction and connection pretty much make him unable to stay emotionally detached. Being with Piper, particularly in their uncertain and dangerous circumstances, completely tilts Jory’s world off its axis and for the first time he finds himself thinking how he will also save himself.

I absolutely adored the much anticipated reunion between all four brothers. It was everything I hoped it would be and definitely brought tears to my eyes. It was so amazing to finally have all four brothers together. Oh, and the best line of the whole book belongs to Matt:
“No more fucking good-byes. I am so done with that shit and with all of us sacrificing our lives. We’re fucking done, and we’ll all fucking live. The first guy who tells me good-bye ever again, even if he’s just going to the fucking grocery store, gets a fist planted in his fucking face.”

Rebecca Zanetti has once again written an enthralling story with twists and turns that will have you holding your breath and viciously reading, determined to find out what happens next. She also throws a passionate and sexy romance in the mix that will have you clutching your heart. The perfect balance. Plus, the sweet cherry on top of this all is the fact that we also got to catch up with the rest of the Dean brothers and their other halves and we get introduced to a few surprising characters as well. Not to mentioned the absolutely amazing conclusion to this wild ride. This book was the perfect finish to this spectacular series. So, thanks Ms. Zanetti for giving us the Dean brothers. ;)


****An advance reading copy of Total Surrender by Rebecca Zanetti was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - One to Save by Tia Louise

One to Save - Tia Louise
4 Stars!

"I lost myself in the darkness of trying to protect you..."


One to Save is the sixth book in Tia Louise’s One to Hold series. This is also the third book about Derek and Melissa in this series with One to Hold and One to Protect being the other two books about this couple. I would highly recommend reading the two previous books, as well as the other books in the series, in sequential order as the overall story arcs in each of the books are loosely connected. I am a big fan of this series and was definitely excited to see where Tia Louise would take her readers in this book. She definitely did not disappoint.

Derek and Melissa have certainly endured a lot throughout their relationship, but their love seems to have stood the test of time and has only strengthened with the tribulations they have faced. With a beautiful baby son they dote over and an upcoming wedding fast approaching, the couple should be focusing on themselves and their happy forever. However, Derek has not exactly been forthright in what he has had to do in order to protect Melissa. He may not regret the decisions that he has had to make, but it does not mean that he doesn’t carry demons that torment him daily and leave him agonizing over his past decisions. When everything coming to a head and Derek’s secrets come out into the open, will the love Derek and Melissa share be enough to save them or will what they have shatter once and for all?

All in all, One to Save was a wonderful addition to this great series and a truly heart-warming and suspense-filled conclusion to Derek and Melissa’s story. There is more to come in this series and with a new couple set to star in the next book Tia Louise certainly deliciously teases her readers leaving us all wanting more.

*****An advance reading copy of One to Save by Tia Louise was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - Deep by Kylie Scott

Deep (Stage Dive Series Book 4) - Kylie Scott
4.5 "Just Friends" Stars!

“A wounded heart was apparently no competition for an overeager vagina.”


Deep is the fourth and final book in Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series. Fuck, I love this series! Each book that is released only solidifies the fact that I am whole-heartedly a fangirl of this author. This series is definitely one of the best rock-star series out there in my opinion! With light-hearted funny and hilarious antics, sexy moments that could melt anyone’s panties and heart-warming declarations, you can’t help but fall in love with the Stage Dive crew and the women who fall for them. In this final installment we see Stage Dive’s bass player go down the path that the rest of his bandmates have succumbed to – the rocky road to love. This time it is equipped with the added complication of a baby on the way. Whoops!


“At any rate, apparently someone had diddled away their shift at the prophylactics factory and here we are. Pregnant.”


“So I’d been knocked up by a rock star.

Big deal.

Deep breath. Okay.”


“Also, wow, if this was the result of having great sex then I was so never going there again. Not even for mediocre sex. Nothing. I might even rule out masturbation, just in case. You couldn't be too careful. Random attack sperm could be anywhere, just waiting to get a girl in trouble.”


We have known Lizzy Rollins ever since the band’s drummer, Mal, fell in love with her older sister, Anne. We know her as the sweet younger sister who develops a massive crush on Stage Dive’s bass player, someone who does not give her the time of day. Someone who has been warned to stay away from her. Ben Nicholson may be attracted to Lizzy but their eight year age difference and the fact that Mal has threatened to cut off pertinent parts of his anatomy if he goes near Lizzy is enough to keep him away. However, Lizzy is one persistent little bugger and despite the fact that Ben has indicated that in no way can they take their relationship to any level past friendship, she can’t help but pursue him diligently. When the pair begin exchanging innocent texts and start to get to know one another even more, their connection deepens and their attraction grows. Matters come to a head one explosive night in Vegas when Ben and Lizzy finally decide to give in to their lust. Their one passion-filled night did not come without any consequences however. Ben’s super-charged sperm somehow make their way in and do their magic. The result is a surprise bun in the oven.

Now Lizzy is preggers and Ben is freaked out. Ben is all about the freedom of the rock and roll lifestyle, completely happy with his life. The news shocks him but he wants to do right by Lizzy and their unborn baby even though he has no idea how to even deal with the entire situation. With a tour about to commence, an incessant obsession with a bearded bass player, raging pregnancy hormones, meddlesome family and a rock star with commitment issues, can Ben and Lizzy make a real relationship between them work?

Kylie Scott not only provides her signature humor in this book, but she also gives us a book that is endearingly sweet. Thrown together by unexpected circumstances Ben and Lizzy decide to become friends and ignore the obvious underlying sexual tension between the two of them. Lizzy was quicker to admit her feelings often brooding about her unrequited love and attempting to accept the fact that Ben may never return her feelings, but Ben definitely struggled more with all his inner turmoil over the feisty blonde and future mother of his child. I loved Lizzy as a heroine. She was obviously shocked and scared about the fact that she was all of a sudden making a human, but she took it all in stride and kept her sarcastically funny personality in tact through it all. Ben never really saw Lizzy coming. He wasn’t completely unaware about what was actually occurring between the two of them; however, he was so reluctant to dive head first into a relationship or even step into one slowly. There were moments that I definitely wanted to punch him in the junk....HARD! There were also other moments, particularly when he finally came to grips with the fact that Lizzy is the one for him, that made him so endearing and sweet. Lizzy pushed Ben so far past his comfort zone and Ben tries to push her away and, yet, still keep her close. You can’t help but fall in love with the big ole jerk. He definitely did not have a great belief in the institution of love and commitment due to what he experienced growing up so it is not hard to see where his aloofness and cool demeanour come from; however, Lizzy is just the right girl who wiggles her way in past his highly erected walls. She sees and accepts him for who he truly is wanting only to be someone important to him. Truly sweet and beautiful!

“Give me a chance to catch up.”

I just stared at him, trying to keep my cool. Took two to tango, yada yada.

“I’m serious.” His shoulders heaved up and down. “Just give me a chance to catch up and I promise, Lizzy, I will have your back.”

While there was a lot of back and forth between Lizzy and Ben as they struggle through what they mean to one another, there was also a lot of laugh-out-loud humour as Lizzy’s inner monologues were hilarious and fun. With pregnancy hormones running amok and her obsession with her bearded baby-daddy, you just never knew what was going to pop into her head or fly out of her mouth. Not to mention we get numerous appearances by the rest of the Stage Dive family who are all hilarious in their own right, especially Mal. That crazy fucker is still up to his usual antics. I love him and his over-the-top crazy self. I loved how over-protective he was when it came to Lizzy, like any big brother would be. Er....any overly hyper-active big brother. LOL! I sure am going to miss this entire group of wacky nuts.

All in all, Deep was a wonderful ending to this much beloved series. This entire series is entertaining as all get-out. Seriously. So much fun! For fans of this series, this book is surely one you will love. One that will get you all hot and bothered as well as leave your heart a fluttery mess. And, if you have yet to give the Stage Dive guys a go....what in the world are you waiting for???? Do it....NOW! ;)

“Ben, I don’t want to take your freedom. I just want a place in your world. An important one.”

He craned his neck, tipping my chin up to make me look at him at the same time. “Sweetheart, you’ve been important since day one.”


****An advance reading copy of Deep by Kylie Scott was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - Falling by Barbara Elsborg

Falling - Barbara Elsborg

See my review at Sinfully .

4.5 Stars!

“Falling is easy. Landing without breaking your heart? Impossible.”


Falling by Barbara Elsborg is book one in her new series entitled Fall or Break. I am a huge fan of this author and her witty and unapologetic writing style. This was definitely one of the more somber, emotionally angsty and darker books by this author. It was also absolutely gripping right from the start. This is a book about two individuals who are both scarred in different ways and, frankly, both are in some pretty desolate circumstances. It’s about how they embark on a journey that changes the scope of their landscape forever.

“He couldn’t switch off ten years of anxiety just because he was free.

Free. Yeah, right.”


“His life had been wrecked by lies and he’d be falling forever because there was no one to catch him.”


“Maybe that was how he should start over, get rid of everything and begin again, rip out his memories and begin again, rip out his heart and begin again.”

Thirty-four year old Harper Shaw has spent the last ten years behind bars paying for a crime he did not commit. He’s angry, fearful, numb and is simply a forsaken wreck of a man. The man he once was is long gone replaced by a hallow individual who no longer is able to deal with even making the simplest of choices, afraid that anything could set off a fall into oblivion that he would never be able to stop. Twenty-four year old Malachi Jones’ life is looking bleak. After ending things with his long-time boyfriend who was as controlling as he was intense, Malachi finds himself having to live with his sister and a brother-in-law who thinks he’s no better than the dirt on his shoes. Malachi is desperate to find a job so that he can start fresh. Both men first see each other in a supermarket and feel this instant pull; however, hard experience has them turning away from temptation.

When Harper and Malachi meet up again there is no denying the spark between them and the men form a tentative and fragile friendship. It does not take long for something more profound to begin developing between Malachi and Harper; however, will Malachi run when he discovers the truth about Harper? Will the pair be able to withstand the constant bombardment of obstacles that seem to keep appearing and standing in their way?

I loved the romance between Malachi and Harper. I loved how it developed slowly and organically. Despite the uncertain and horrible circumstances both men were in, they seemed to be exactly what the other needed. A shining light in their drab and murky worlds. Regardless of the darker undertones to the overall story arc, the actual love story was truly sweet and heart-felt. Malachi’s loyalty towards Harper made him such an endearing character that I could not help rooting for. The fact that he made a choice to help Harper intentionally sacrificing his own happiness simply showed just how deep his feeling for the other man ran. Harper was hesitant to start things at first considering his trust issues as well as how he felt he would be unable to bring anything to a relationship. After all, he was an ex-con with an array of emotional and psychological hurdles to overcome. Malachi’s persistence, strong-headed demeanour and good nature does eventually win him over.

Both Malachi and Harper are these complex characters and this author does a wonderful job stripping away the layers and intermixing it with some heavy steam and a suspenseful storyline. The mystery surrounding Harper’s imprisonment as well as Malachi’s ex-boyfriend were well done. It kept me turning the pages completely engulfed in all that was happening. Further, as in most Barbara Elsborg books, we get quite a few hot and heavy scenes. I loved how passionate Harper and Malachi were with one another as they explored all that was between them.

Once again Barbara Elsborg has penned a captivating and moving tale with Falling. The ending had me happily sighing and feeling very satisfied. The next book which is due out in July 2015 will be about Conrad, Malachi’s ex. What an intriguing character he turned out to be and I will be anxiously awaiting his story.

“You are what’s important in my life. Freedom tastes like you. Without you, I’m nothing. With you, I’m everything.”

****An advance reading copy of Falling by Barbara Elsborg was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Wild Reckless - Ginger Scott

5 “Reckless Love” Stars!

“I’m starting a war with a guy who doesn’t lose – a guy who doesn’t play by the rules. A guy who scares me, and who knows where I sleep at night.” ~Harper



Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott is one of those books that grabs you by the heart and refuses to let go until every last word has been greedily inhaled. I was completely mesmerized from beginning to end and it was only when I read the last word did I finally relax. My heart unclenched and I could then exhale. I have read other books by this author and readily admit that I am completely enamored by her style of writing and the beautiful love stories she pens. While this book does have much darker undertones than Ms. Scott’s previous books as it touches on some very heavy topics such as addiction, mental illness, suicide and infidelity, it still is yet another example of a story that will grip your heart and make you believe that love does conquer all and allows one to realize how wonderful it is to fall.


Kensington Worth wanted to complete her senior year with her best friends at her posh high school in Chicago. She wanted to play her piano and finally obtain her ticket to freedom, a ticket that would get her into any music program she desires. However, what Kensington wants she does not get. She suddenly finds herself starting over in a small town resenting her parents for moving her to a place where everything is slowly being taken away from her and she is having a hard time adjusting. Kensington comes across her neighbour a few times, soon discovering that he is unlike any other boy she has ever known. He’s this wild, reckless and an emotionless shell with a reputation. Also, he seems to have it out for her from day one. As much as Kensington is unwilling to take his cruel taunts lying down, she also can’t seem to stop this fascination she appears to have with him. This push and pull she feels towards him is unsettling and Kensington has no idea what to do about it.

“Owen Harper may get his way with everything in this school and town and life. But he won’t get his way with me.”

“This is a guy who cheats death, who actually seeks it out so he can laugh at that fine line-crossing it from time to time just to prove he can, other times, erasing it completely.”

Owen Harper and his family certainly have made a name for themselves in their town and none of it is any good. With his bad-boy image, irresponsible attitude, his cruel and mocking demeanour and unstable family life, Kensington has every reason to stay far away from him. There may be a reason to all the madness that is the Harper family, but that does not excuse Owen from the way he treats Kensington at first. His coldness, fearlessness and stoic and expressionless appearance do not stop Kensington from challenging him and prodding the dangerous beast lurking in the shadows. What she does not expect is for Owen to shatter her very existence and expose a dark secret that forever changes the life she has been living.

"Just then, I realize, he's not really wild at all. He's heartbroken. And maybe I don't hate him as much as I thought I did."

Kensington is now just as angry and lost as Owen is. They soon discover that they do share a common ground – both are dealing with serious family issues that have left them broken and tormented. And, the more Kensington truly looks at Owen, the more she sees the kind, gentle and loyal soul that is hidden beneath his cold exterior. Slowly the animosity they feel towards one another due to many misunderstandings begins to melt away, replaced by a new understanding of each other and a mutual affection that starts to organically grow out of the common bond they share. Kensington and Owen let each other into the deepest and darkest parts of their lives, they see one another at very low points struggling to make sense of it all. They begin to hold tight to the profound connection that they share and Owen desperately embraces the light that Kensington brings into his world. But Owen is slowly heading down a collision course that is sure to implode eventually. Can Kensington stop the wreck that will most certainly destroy the boy she loves once and for all?

“I love you, but I will suffocate you. Drown you. Loving me...it will kill you.”

“...I think I need you to survive. I think I need you to love me, because that’s literally all I’ve got.”

Despite the fact that very sensitive topics are dealt with in this book which gives the overall story arc a very forlorn and sorrow-filled tone at times, the romance we experience is extremely sweet and tender. What Owen and Kensington share is certainly intense but it was also real, raw and everything a first love should be. As Owen opens up to Kensington and allows her to be a part of his reality, you can’t help but feel for him and fall a little in love with him also. Owen may have been dealing with a lot in his personal life but there were many moments when he is there for Kensington. Both make mistakes as they stumble their way through their very passionate and fragile relationship, but I could not help rooting for them and desperately wanted to see them have their happy forever. Throughout all the hardships they had to endure what Kensington and Owen felt for one another never once faltered. I loved how real their feelings for each other were.

All in all, Wild Reckless is a book that resonated with me and will undoubtedly stay with me for some time to come. This is such a powerful story about two individuals whose worlds collide and in the darkness they find a love that gives them the strength to walk towards the light. This book is a must read! A book that made me fall even more in love with this author.

"Everything. Owen Harper is everything."


*****An advance reading copy of Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW - Becoming His Master

Becoming His Master (Neighborly Affection Book 4) - M.Q. Barber
3.5 “Eromenos” Stars!


Becoming His Master is the fourth book in M.Q. Barber’s Neighborly Affection series. This also marks my first venture into this series and this author. While this story can be read as a stand-alone, I have a feeling that greater reading enjoyment would be had if you were to read the series in sequential order. I found that at times I would have liked to have more background information and a greater understanding of the characters which I am sure is provided in the previous books. With this being stated, this was an enjoyable read about a wounded submissive and the Dominant man that would teach him what the true meaning of valuing one’s self is.

“The boy’s need spoke to him. Having someone to look after fulfilled him in a way short-term liaisons did not.”

Henry Webb is furious and outraged when he discovers a submissive male was abused at the hand of another Dominant in their club when their scene goes way beyond safe and consensual play. Despite the traumatic experience really marking Jay Kress, the submissive, he refuses to speak against the Dom. Henry takes it upon himself to teach Jay his true value. That what he decides to submit to is a gift that a Dom should never take advantage of. Henry has two months. But, Jay calls to him like no other. The boy’s innocence and desire to please make Henry want to keep him for his own; however, there is no way he is going to take advantage of what he feel’s is hero worship.

“Jay Kress was his eromenos. His beloved boy. His mentor and protect. His sweet lips to kiss, his beautiful thighs to fuck.”

I loved Henry. He had to tread so carefully when it came to Jay and I adored the fact that he truly did put Jay’s needs and desires before his own. He was just the right person to show Jay what a safe and sane consensual D/s relationship should look like, whether it be for a short time or a more permanent situation. Henry was so adamant about not wanting to take advantage of Jay, not wanting to give into his desire to keep Jay as his own submissive. Jay was also a wonderful character. His sweetness was so endearing. I loved seeing him flourish under Henry’s caring hand. Jay’s courage was admiral when it came to finally admitting what he truly wanted from Henry. The sweet beginnings of a relationship that came full circle.

This was a very unique BDSM book, one like any other that I have read. The focus here was more about the Dominant/submissive relationship rather than the kink. While I did enjoy reading this book I did feel that at times I was taken out of the emotional storyline and felt as if things became a little too analytical. I am not sure I can explain any better than this. This book was solely from Henry’s POV and we go through his thought processes about how he should be dealing with Jay, his ideas about what Jay requires to get past the trauma he experienced. Perhaps if we also got Jay’s POV I would have become more emotionally invested in the relationship beginning to flourish between Henry and Jay. Further, the book ended rather abruptly. I would have liked to see a little more. All in all, Becoming His Master was a great read for lovers of this genre.

“I feel safe with you.”

****An advance reading copy of Becoming His Master by M.Q. Barber was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


REVIEW - Curious by RG Alexander

Curious - R.G. Alexander
4.5 “Those damn suspenders.” Stars!

“Are you Curious?”


Curious is the first book in R. G. Alexander’s new series entitled The Finn Factor. This is my first book by this author and after reading it I was left wondering why in the world I have never read any R. G. Alexander books before??? This friends to lovers tale is fantastically sexy, humourous, endearing and an all-around sweet romance.

I absolutely love the author’s “warning” to readers when it comes to this book.

“Warning: Contains explicit m/m nookie. A lot of it. Very detailed. Two men getting kinky, talking dirty and doing the horizontal mambo. Are you reading this? Do you see them on the cover? Guy parts will touch. You have been warned.”

See! It definitely sets the tone of what you will read and is brilliant and hilarious.

“Falling in love was the quickest way to ruin a friendship.”

Jeremy Porter is a successful comic book artist who also happens to be openly bisexual. He has been best friends with Owen Finn and a part of the Finn family for most of his life. Owen is the owner of Finn Construction, is very straight and likes his sex with a side of kink. No vanilla flavour for Master Finn! Both men share a close friendship and are similar in the fact that they are all about variety in their sexual exploitations – no repeats very often for either one of them. While Jeremy knows that Owen is someone that he stands no chance with, he can’t help but secretly harbour a strong attraction and feelings for his best friend. Things get more than interesting when Owen accidentally walks in on Jeremy having a threesome with another male and a female. All of a sudden Owen can’t get Jeremy off his mind and decides to take matters into his own hands and make Jeremy an offer he can’t refuse. So, what happens when both men decide to appease their curiousity? Does curiousity kill the cat or could this be the beginning of a scorching hot romance?

As Jeremy and Owen jump into the muddy waters of a physical relationship, I could not help but root for them. Both these men were into different sexual lifestyles but when they become involved I loved the fact that the trust between them lead them to try things they would never have ventured into with another partner. There was this vulnerability that they only shared with one another and that was simply a beautiful thing. They discover just how amazing it can be when you completely let go and embrace the freedom in that. Jeremy and Owen challenged each other and as more starts to develop between them they have to make the decision as to whether they will risk it all and jump in with both feet.

“I can’t help it, Jeremy. God, your big fucking cock could turn a straight man gay. Let me prove it to you. Call me Exhibit A and fuck me.”

Ok, so this book is HOT at a level that could incinerate panties in a split second. I mean, the kind of sizzling sexy that will leave you seeking out ways to cope. Truly.


Enough said. ;)

All in all, Curious is a fantastic start to what I think will be a series full of sexy deliciousness and tender-hearted romances. R. G. Alexander gives us a teasing look at the other Finns and I simply can’t wait for more books. I am all in!

****A review copy of Curious by R.G. Alexander was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


REVIEW - Unblocked: Episode One

Unblocked - Episode One (Timber Towers Series Book 1) - Marni Mann
4 Stars!


Well now. I certainly would like to find out, Derek.



Unblocked- Episode One by Marni Mann is the first installment in her new five-part serial novella series entitled Timber Towers. Each subsequent addition to this series will be released approximately four to six weeks apart. I now have a couple books by this author under my belt now and was very excited to see just what Ms. Mann had up her sleeves with this new erotica series. This was definitely an intriguing and very sexy start to what I think is going to be an amazing series. Two power-driven individuals are about to discover what it is like when forbidden lines get blurred.


Frankie Jordan is a twenty-seven year old top-selling real estate agent working for Jordan International, her father’s company. She has spent her life working her way to the top of the company and with her father’s impending retirement so close at hand, Frankie is determined to prove that she is capable of taking over for her father. When the opportunity arises for Frankie to land a huge contract with Block Development, she is certain that this would be what would tip the scales in her favour.


Derek Block is an architectural designer and a rising star developer in Boston. He is a powerfully astute and lethal business man who exercises control in anything having to do with his life. He’s looking for the best real estate agent to take on his new development. The competition is stiff but Derek is determined to hire only the best.

“I had a rule that I’d never broken: I didn’t sleep with anyone I worked with.”

When Frankie attends at Derek’s office for an interview the pair are immediately attracted to one another and the primal need they feel for each other is palpable. However, they both understand that no matter how much chemistry they share if they are going to work together there is no way they can act on their desires. Frankie is not willing to risk her reputation and all that she has worked towards in order to satisfy her base urges and Derek never mixes business with pleasure. Derek intends to pursue Frankie when all the units in his new development are sold. After that, she is fair game. But, a three month time frame is a long time to wait, particularly when they will both be working in close proximity of one another. Can they both control their cravings or will the intensity between them lead to their downfall?

Told in dual POV, this first novella set the scene and cemented the overall story arc beautifully. The slow burn building between Derek and Frankie is destined to cause some rippling explosions. As lines begin to get blurred it is only a matter of time before either Frankie or Derek, or both, give in and decide to risk it all. Ms. Mann’s writing is engaging and I was hooked in right from the start. Derek and Frankie certainly have an uphill battle before them and I, for one, am interested to see what direction this author will take in the upcoming installments.

All in all, Unblocked – Episode One was a great to start to what I think will be a deliciously sexy series. I simply can’t wait for more!

****An advance reading copy of Unblocked - Episode One by Marni Mann was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.